Sweet Potato Gnocchi + Sage Cream Sauce (Gluten + Dairy Free)

I have been having serious FOMO in the Instagram world as everyone in the US is having Trader Joe's cauliflower gnocchi. I was going to attempt to make this myself but then remembered in cooking school I learned how to make sweet potato gnocchi and it was delicious! I searched the internet and found this recipe and had to try it. The verdict: WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!

Kylie from Paleo Gluten Free, you are the best! THANK YOU for this recipe! I altered it a bit and here are my tips:

  • I tripled the portions of the gnocchi so I could freeze them for later (I kept the sauce recipe as is)
  • After tripling the gnocchi recipe, I added 1/2 cup more of cassava flour (I ordered this from Amazon.ca)
  • Since I was mashing my sweet potatoes after boiling them, the process made them very hot so I stuck the mashed sweet potatoes in the freezer for 10 minutes before I made the gnocchi as it was too mushy to form! 
  • It took me about 1.5 hours in total to make all this, likely because I was a slow poke and it was my first time making!
  • I added in some Trader Joe's spices to both the sauce and gnocchi
  • I added in more spinach than it called for because, you can never have too much spinach!

Here is her recipe (with a few of my adjustments)! Gluten free, dairy free, paleo baby!


  • 1 cup mashed sweet potato (*I did 3 cups sweet potato)
  • 1/2 cup cassava flour (*I used 2 cups cassava flour because I added in more and did not use the brand she suggested)
  • 2 teaspoons olive oil
  • pinch of sea salt optional
  • 1 tsp. chili powder (I used Trader Joe's chili lime powder)

*because I tripled the recipe



  1. In a bowl stir together the cooked mashed sweet potato and flour for the gnocchi until completely smooth. If you don't have cooked sweet potato on hand, make it by peeling a large sweet potato, cutting into 2" chunks, and boiling in water until soft (drain water from sweet potatoes after boiling).
  2. Separate dough into four equal parts and roll out into 3/4" diameter tubes on a surface dusted lightly with cassava flour. Cut the tubes of dough into 1" pieces.
  3. Bring a large pot of water to a boil and drop gnocchi into it. Once they have risen to the surface, remove, and drizzle lightly with olive oil.
  4. Heat a skillet over medium heat and pour 1 tablespoon olive oil into the pan. Add gnocchi and cook on each side until golden, then remove.
  1. In a skillet saute the minced onion and garlic in 1 tablespoon olive oil for the sauce until golden then set aside.
  2. Add rest of ingredients for the sauce (except spinach and leave out tapioca flour if you want the sauce to be thinner) to the sautéed onion and garlic. Bring sauce to a low boil and boil for 1-2 minutes, stirring continuously (otherwise the flour will clump in the sauce) until sauce thickens. Then stir in spinach, let it wilt, and add gnocchi.


I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS AS MUCH AS I DID! Once again, click on the word "recipe" up top to get her recipe and see her beautiful site!

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